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RemoveIT Pro

RemoveIT Pro Free Edition

Detect and eliminate trojans, spyware and adware

RemoveIT is a free trojan, adware and spyware scanner that searches and destroys dangerous viruses, trojans and spyware.However, the effectiveness of RemoveIT is open to debate. The developers claim that it's so good, it "locates and removes many...
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  • by Anonymous

    Besides good infection detection it also flags good items as being infected. It seems doubtful as it flags good computer items as being infected. It will do a good detection job on many items but I still would not purchase it or use the free version. Pros: nothing. Cons: obvious - all infections detected must be genuine

  • by Anonymous

    never try it. it destroy bookmarks and take over the home pages in browsers and it give fake alerts for all programs you use and it can find every thing as a virus

  • by Anonymous

    BAD, do not use. It found 76 infected files almost all of them in my SYS32 I didn't delete anything and I'm running fine on my old XP. It said that the following were infected files and I should remove: (All SYS32. Files) ATF-Cleaner, Excel4, WinLogon, hijackthis, winword, excel, ccleaner, msn, windowsupdate, nwwia and many others. If I had taken their advice, I probably wouldn't be able to type t More

  • by Anonymous

    Rogue program. This program is a total scam. It found 58 infected files on my clean system. VirusTotal verified that the files are clean. Do not use!!! Pros: None. Cons: Flags clean files as infected. You might delete crucial system files. And render your system unstable or unusable.

  • by Anonymous

    Great tool!. This programs helped me alot, it is very fast, very lite, and very easy to use, my best friend against malware!!! Pros: Very lite, fast scan... Cons: None